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Stirling Park Sheriff Officers

Adam Lewis,
Managing Partner
Guilty of misconduct

Ian Wylie,
Head of Professional Services
Guilty of misconduct


Stirling Park Sheriff Officers, a Scottish based collection agency

Stirling Park is Scotland's leading leading Revenue Management and Enforcement Company and recovers more than £110m of debt a year, much of this for numerous local authorities in the form of council tax. It's clients include the National Australia Bank Group, many local authority councils, Turner Macfarlane Green and debt recovery lawyers Yuilll & Kyle.

However, two of the senior managers at Stirling Park & Co were found guilty of professional misconduct but were allowed to continue as sheriff officers following a civil court case heard in private.

The men found guilty of misconduct are Adam Lewis, the managing partner, and Ian Wylie, his Head of Professional Services. The two officers were censured and Lewis had a £1,000 fine imposed. Both were ordered to pay costs, believed to be in the region of £60,000.

They were found to have ordered other sheriff officers in the firm to wrongly threaten poindings unless fees were met, and to recover money to which they were not entitled. Other offences included instructing poindings to proceed, despite unauthorised notices being served and to have unlawfully discounted fees to a lucrative client, HM Customs and Excise.

The full extent of misconduct, which included illegally adding VAT to court decrees and recovering it from debtors, may never be known. According to a report in The Herald newspaper, one source fears it runs into many tens of thousands of pounds and called on debtors to pursue legal actions "if they were ripped off". MSP Tommy Sheridan, who pioneered last year's abolition of poindings, said of the pair: "They should be struck off for acting unlawfully, despite being officers of the court. Is it any wonder so many people have so little faith in sheriff officers and their bully-boy tactics?"

This site has no connection with, nor is it endorsed or authorised by, Stirling Park LLP (formerly Stirling Park & Co) or their owners Intrum Justitia. What it provides is information about Stirling Park & Co that you will not find on their own website.

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Where to find the truth about Stirling Park Sheriff Officers

Senior management of Stirling Park & Co were guilty of overcharging debtors, undercutting competitors, threatening unlawful diligence, and over-recovery of debts. 

For the news reports on this go to
the search facility of The Herald newspaper and enter the key words "Stirling Park"; and the author as "Iain Wilson".

To obtain a copy of the judgement issued against Adam Lewis and Ian Wylie, Sheriff Officers of Stirling Park & Co, write to:

Sheriff Clerk
Glasgow Sheriff Court
1 Carlton Place
G5 9DA

quoting case reference number B574/01, Ronald McKenzie QC v Adam Lewis and Ian Wylie.

Alternatively, you can download the full judgement here. (1.2Mb pdf file)

Download the Sheriff Principal's Public Notice from issue 13 of the Scots Law Times. (230Kb pdf file)

Details of the 6 million black hole in the accounts of Stirling Park's owners, Intrum Justitia, were reported in the Guardian newspaper
: "Intrum debtors may get refunds".

You can read Intrum Justitia's official press release here. (229Kb pdf file)

Stirling Park don't want you to see this site

The site originally located here was removed because solicitors acting for Stirling Park LLP, namely Dundas & Wilson, wrote to the site's web host claiming that it contained defamatory material. Despite warning the recipient that legal action could follow simply for disclosing its terms, a copy of that letter has been obtained and is published in full on this site.

The truth is that the site only contained factual information available to any member of the public, including newspaper reports, a court judgement and a public notice which, because of the seriousness of the offences, the judge ordered to be placed in the legal journal "The Scots Law Times".

Thank you for reading the truth about Stirling Park Sheriff Officers.


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